Famous Female Equestrians

For many centuries, horse racing has been considered as one of the favorite sports in many parts of the world. Initially, only men engage in this activity. But things have changed and not so long ago, even the ladies have already tried and excelled in this field. Through the years, there were many female equestrians who made it big in the world of horse racing. But aside from being good horse riders, one of the most notable things about these female equestrians is their great looking teeth that lets them flash that picture perfect smile every time they finish a race.

Two of the well-known female horse racers who have already established their name in the field are Emma Kanerva and Ashley Holzer. Emma Kanerva is Finnish dressage rider who represented Finland during the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London where she finished 22nd.

Also among the famous female equestrians is Jill Henselwood, a show jumper member of the Canadian Equestrian Team. During the Summer Olympics in 2008 held in Beijing, Henselwood, together with her horse Special Ed, was able to win the silver medal as part of the team from Canada in team jumping together with her teammates, Ian Millar, Eric Lamaze and Mac Cone. An Oldenberg gelding, Henselwood’s horse, Special Ed, was born in Germany in 1994.

However, one of the youngest equestrians who are now starting to showcase an amazing skill in this field that used to be conquered by men is none other than Jennifer Katharine Gates. This 19 year old student a net worth estimated to be around $20 million which she earned by being the heiress of one of the richest men in the world, none other than the CEO of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates himself. As a proof of his love for his daughter, Bill spent $1 million to rent a stunning mansion in Palm Beach, Florida close to the location of the Winter Equestrian Festival just so Jennifer will be able to go for her love and passion for horse riding wherein she competed with 2,800 riders coming from 30 different countries. The vivacious young equestrian takes horseback riding as one of her hobbies and during her competition, her mom, Melinda, together with her brother Rory, watched to show to show their support.

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As more and more women realize the beauty of horseback riding, it will not be a big surprise if sooner or later, they might just become the leaders in this field. And what’s even more wonderful is the moment they flash those pearly whites and you know right away that they are using quality electric toothbrushes that deliver amazing performance themselves.